DIY tablet cozy

I actually had some free time to sew this week!

This a really easy project and quick to put together.

I made this for my mama for her new tablet computer. She recently bought one after saving her pennies for months. Sounds like a good enough excuse to do some sewing!

You’ll need three fabrics – muslin, an exterior fabric and a lining fabric. The padding is fleece but I had tons of that on hand already from making lounge pants last winter. I chose the brown patterned fabric for the exterior. If you look closely at the above photo, you can see the little partridge-like birds in the pattern. The turquoise fabric was the liner and I had enough of that fabric left for the striped accents on the outside. I spent about $6 on materials.

I did modify the pattern that I used. The original design had a band that the flap tucked under to close the cozy, but I didn’t feel that was very secure. So, I scrapped that part and sewed on Velcro underneath the flap and on the exterior instead. I added the button to make it “pop.”

You will need to make your own pattern for this, but it’s not hard at all since it’s two rectangles to measure and cut. I used packing paper from a package I recently received in the mail for pattern paper, but old newspapers work well too.

Want to make your own? Here’s the link to the pattern: Tablet Coverlet by Pat Bravo.

Oh, and Cougar tried to help too.

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