The Versatile Blogger Award

I’ve been completely stretched and busy over the past week that I completely forgot to announce that my first blog follower, Northern Narratives, awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award!

She awarded it to me back on Sept. 24. When I got her comment, I was in bed and doing a last minute email check on my iPod and was so excited that I couldn’t sleep for awhile. Then life got crazy and it slipped my mind. (Sorry Judy!)

I’ve only been at this blogging thing since June, so I’m amazed, humbled and honored that someone finds my ramblings and dorkiness good enough to recognize!

Here are the rules with this award: I must post seven random things about myself and nominate 15 other bloggers to receive the award as well and link to their blogs.

Here are my nominees for the Versatile Blogger Award, in no particular order. I’ve chosen the bloggers on this list because I follow them regularly, I like their writing, and I always learn something, am inspired by what they do or get a good laugh from reading their blogs. I’ve also tried not to duplicate those who have already won the Versatile Blogger Award.

  1. Blooming Reverend
  2. Meanwhile, back at the ranch…
  3. Love, czg.
  4. Whimseytopia
  5. Snapped in a flash
  6. Houses and Books
  7. Just another Day on the Farm
  8. Back Road Journal
  9. The View Out Here
  10. The Simple Life of a Country Man’s Wife
  11. Mike the Chicken Vet
  12. Miss Anthropist’s Kitchen
  13. The Sleeper Hit
  14. Experiments in Experience
  15. Top Floor Corner

Disclaimer: I only know two of the following bloggers personally and I nominated them strictly because I like their blogs, not because I know them.

Congrats to my choices! You can go to the Versatile Blogger Award blog to get the sweet badge to put on your site and comment to get your blog posted on the blog roll.

And now that it’s time for me to be narcissistic, here are my seven things:

  1. I am the only redhead in my family. My parents and sister have brown hair. According to family lore, my great-great-great-great grandfather on my mother’s side came to the States from Ireland and my red hair is likely from my Irish roots. Or, my paternal grandmother had a bit of auburn sheen to her hair back in the day. Either way, I get it honest, and it had nothing to do with the mailman.
  2. I took ballet lessons for 10 years – from when I was six until I was 16. I danced on pointe and everything. I had to drop it for piano lessons so I could be prepared for the piano proficiency test as a music major in college. One of these days, I want to get back to dancing, but it probably won’t happen due to my crazy schedule. Spraining both of my ankles since then probably won’t help either.
  3. When I was a little kid, I ate so many carrots that my skin turned slightly orange. Not Oompla Loompa orange, but more of an organe-ish tint. True story!
  4. I think about the only thing I’m not allergic to is poison ivy. I’m not about to wade chin-deep in the stuff, but I don’t get it just by looking at it like some people do.
  5. I made 800 elephant ears in one weekend at Cedar Point, an amusement park in Ohio, for a fundraiser for my collegiate wind ensemble. I’ve never eaten one since!
  6. I curl/roll tags on clothing with my fingers. I’ve done it since I was a baby. It’s something I do when I’m stressed or thinking out a problem.
  7. My car’s name is Gary. My parents bought him for me as my first car after I graduated high school and I still drive him to this day. He’s gray, so I switched the r and a around to get Gary. Some people meow when I say his name thanks to the popularity of SpongeBob Squarepants. I hate that show.

9 responses

  1. Thanks, Julie! I’m so excited! I’m also looking forward to exploring the other blogs you’ve nominated. Now, some comments on your seven things:
    ~I’m envious because you are not allergic to poison ivy. I am, as you may recall from previous posts of mine. Ew. Or, as my niece used to say when she was wee, “Nassy, bad for you!”
    ~Um…what are elephant ears?
    ~I don’t like Sponge Bob either. At all. Blech. My car, a green Honda Civic, is named Jane because when I started driving it, I noticed that there were an awful lot of Honda Civics out there in green, so I thought mine needed a common name. I happen to like the name Jane a lot.

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