Knitted coffee mug cozy

A quick and easy knit project!

I tend to knit in spurts and typically tackle smaller projects like socks, dishcloths, baby hats, etc. I’ve had a sweater in the works for a year now that’s about three-quarters of the way done, but since I get distracted by other projects, it’s still sitting in a bag. This coffee mug cozy is typically the type of project that throws me on a knitting tangent.

This is not my pattern. I found it two years ago on the DaniDo Crafty blog, which has since moved the pattern to a Ravelry page. Here’s the link: DaniDo Crafty Adjustable Coffee Mug Wrap. It’s a free pattern!

It’s a great project to use up scrap yarn and is a quick project for last minute gift ideas. I knocked two of these out on a road trip. It’s a square pattern, but it’s very easy and is perfect for beginning knitters. It’s just a series of knit and purl stitches – nothing too fancy. I used a medium weight TLC yarn that was left over from a baby sweater I had knitted for a friend.

Buttons let you adjust the cozy to fit the mug.

The only additional materials you’ll need are three buttons so the cozy can be adjusted to fit different mugs. It fits traditional mugs as well without a problem.

I found that the cozies not only protect your hands from getting too toasted on hot ceramic, but also provide a little insulation to keep your hot beverage warmer a little longer.

~ Julie

7 responses

  1. This is a good idea, and I’ve seen them but not with the buttons. Also, I never even thought of the fact that they are not just keeping your hands cool, but also keeping the contents hot. It’s a win/win. Thanks for sharing. Patsye

  2. This thing is so unbelievably cool! I knew how to knit at one point, but I seem to forget when I walk away from a project for too long. I might have to print out the pattern and give it another try (in purple, of course)! Right now, I am in the beginnings of making Aidan and Mia’s Christmas Eve pj’s. I’m so excited for them to wear something I’ve made for them!

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