Easy Spreadable Butter Recipe

Psst – You’re wasting money if you’re buying spreadable butter in the store.

My spreadable butter in the repurposed store spreadable butter bowl. I'm stickin' it to the man.

I’m a butter believer for one reason – I can pronounce and identify all the ingredients. I quit using margarine after I actually took the time to read the label. Yes, butter’s fattening. We all know that. But, like most tasty things in life, I’m not going to keel over if it’s consumed in moderation.

One of butter’s downsides is that you really can’t spread it on soft bread without it smashing the baked goods into oblivion. I started buying spreadable butter at the grocery store for around $4 to solve this, but got a little annoyed at the fact I was spending more for 15 ounces of spreadable butter than I was spending on 16 ounces of stick butter ($2.45).

Enter a Google search and easy instructions on the Average Betty blog. All you need is a mixer, a stick of butter, a pinch of salt (that’s optional) and a 1/3 cup of canola oil. Poof! Spreadable butter. One stick filled up half of my 15 ounce spreadable butter container, which I just washed and reused.

Want to try it? Here’s the link:

Incredible Spreadable Butter Recipe | Average Betty.

11 responses

  1. Get a butter crock and all you add is cold water to the bottom of the crock and leave it on the counter for 2 weeks. No additional fat needed. I think Ryan Ryan got his at the kitchen store at the mall.

  2. My daughter is a butter fiend – loves the stuff. I also buy the spreadable kind for convenience, so appreciate the tip. My sister leaves a stick of butter out at all times. She has 5 kids, so goes through it relatively quickly. She has not had any problem with spoilage.

  3. You may be pleased to know that real butter is actually better for you and not, in reality, fattening. It’s high in fat, yes, but natural stuff, as you know, and healthy, natural fats in moderation are ok! Also, your body recognizes fat and, if you listen (I’m still working on this) will tell you when you’ve had enough. All good stuff!

    We actually just keep some butter in a covered dish on the counter and as long as it doesn’t get too hot in the house, it keeps just fine. If it gets too hot in the house, however, it will smell like blue cheese, which is fine if you want blue cheese, but gross if you want butter. ‘Learned that the hard way.

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