Recipe – Pumpkin sniderdoodle cookies

These ladies and gentlemen, are the reason why I love Pinterest:

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

This recipe is from the Pennies on a Platter blog and I featured it in a Pinspiration Wednesday post a few weeks ago. I made these cookies over the weekend for our church picnic and gave a few to the in-laws and my parents too. I got rave reviews and several recipe requests for them. They’re so soft, slightly chewy, and all around freaking amazing with pumpkin goodness!

The only change I made to the recipe, which you can find by clicking on the photo, is that I substituted clove for the nutmeg in the dough. I had a pasta recipe go horribly wrong that involved nutmeg a few years ago and I’m still scarred, which is the only reason why I swapped it out. The smell of nutmeg just makes me want to gag anymore.

Try them!

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