Summer’s winding down and the canner’s heating up

I feel like August has been nothing but a food preserving marathon!

I’m just finishing up today’s pickle palooza. I keep forgetting how many pickles just a small amount of cucumbers can produce! One paper grocery bag full gave me four quarts and 14 pints of bread and butter pickles and nine half-pints of sweet relish, with leftovers. I’ve only gone through 10 pounds of sugar today. Whew!

I find that I have a few must-do every summer canning recipes: apple butter, apple pie filling and some sort of pickle. Do you have those in your recipe box as well? What are your staples?

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  1. I’m not a preserving regular yet. My Mom does peaches, pears, plums, cherries, dill pickles and jam every year, and I’d love to get to that point myself. We have a bumper crop of apples this year around the farm, and I’d love to do something with them rather than just let them fall off the trees (we can only eat so many). Care to share your recipes?

    • I get the majority of my recipes from the Ball Blue Canning book. It is a seriously handy guide for beginning canners! There are some recipes on the Ball website too.

      I mostly make applesauce and apple butter with the apples I get every year. I also have a food dehydrator (another handy appliance!) and I use it to make apple chips.

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