A good friend on chilly days and nights

One of the weather-related jokes in Ohio is that if you don’t like the current state of the weather, just wait five minutes and it’ll change.

Case in point, Sunday it was a balmy almost 50 degrees F. Today, we’ll be lucky if we break 10 F (it’s 4 F now). Plus, the wind chill will be a tropical -15 F.

Freaking. Cold.

I’m not a fan of winter. It’s cold and dry. It’s brown. The lack of sun is depressing. My gloves stick to the spigot when I pour new water for The Ladies in the morning. I feel the urge to yell at kids to get off of my lawn when there aren’t any kids in the neighborhood and I don’t have gray hair and a walker. I just want the excuse to make someone else feel my misery.

The good thing is there are some things that make winter bearable. Those things are a good book, a warm cuppa tea, Andy or Cougar curled up in my lap and my trusty quilt.


I made this quilt when I was 21 and on summer break from college. It was the first and only quilt I’ve made in my life (so far). It’s a true scrap quilt because it’s made from my family’s old blue jeans. It’s hard to notice with denim, but the quilt starts with the light blue at the top and dissolves to dark blue at the bottom to represent a twilight sky. It’s a heavy, warm quilt and I find comfort in those qualities. My husband and I fight over it when we want to cozy up on the love seat.

Do you have a favorite blanket you like to curl up with on winter nights? What about tea? Right now I can’t stop drinking Celestial Seasonings’ India Spice chai tea. It’s delicious with a teaspoon of raw honey and just a splash of milk.

A good thing about winter

I hate winter. I don’t like the cold, the high energy bills, hauling water out to the chicken coop several times a day and the fact I really can’t dry my clothes on the line. I miss the fresh smell.

However, I was listening to a podcast about gardening (it wasn’t that great) when the hosts made a brilliant suggestion. Their idea? You’re cooped up inside during the winter, why not do your “spring” cleaning now so you have time to go outside and play when the weather’s nice?

Now why didn’t I think of that before!? Sure beats holding the couch down the majority of the time per my usual winter habits. Although it is glorious after working my butt off outside in the spring and summer to just relax for a few months before the craziness starts back up.

Inspired by the tip, I made a list of 10 things I’d like to get done while the snow flies. Some things are small, like scrubbing my kitchen cabinets to get the cooking funk off, to things that’ll take a little more time like organizing closets and giving the basement a good deep cleaning. Some of these tasks depend on a little extra cash at the end of a paycheck, so I can’t guarantee they’ll all get done.

One task already I’ve conquered has been cleaning out the kitchen pantry and moving in my large sack of flour and bottles of olive oil and vinegar to occupy it. Before I had these items sitting on the floor because I had no where to put them. My kitchen looks so much more organized now! It’s not a big space, so less clutter helps it feel more open.

I want to have everything crossed off my list before the end of March since that’s when the weather around here typically warms up enough to want to go outside. That’s 10 weekends. Here’s hoping I can do it!

What types of things do you save to do during the winter?